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Statue of Apollo

The exterior and interior sculpture carved on marble stone in the Temple of Zeus have been highly acclaimed by people all overstatue of apollo the world over the decades. Some details of these sculptural ornamentation have been reproduced on the Olympic stamps of Greece. The carvings are mainly based on Greek mythology. "The fight of the Lapithae and the Centaurs" was the subject of 10 drachma stamp of Greece. It shown three personages - Poirithous (King of the Lapithae), a Centaur (a fabulous monster) and Deidameia (bride of Peirithous). Apollo stands in the centre. According to the legend Peirithous and Centaurs had frequent violent fights with each other. At last Apollo intervened and defeated the Centaurs. Since then it is believed that Apollo was the protector of the sacred truce of Olympia.

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